Millennial women are living in a time when career opportunities have never been better—if you want them, that is. In the past, most people accepted the necessity of “putting in the time.” You had to hope you would be in the right place when the next opportunity presented itself, waiting for your turn in a slow, steady queue.

This book is about how to seize those opportunities, achieve great things, and get what you want. The first step toward getting what you want is knowing what you want, and to do that, you have to put yourself out there and be vulnerable. That is a challenge for some women, especially if they’re not confident, still unsure about what they want, or don’t feel “ready.” Michelle Turman’s book shares real-world experiences about her own journey and offers tips, tools, and exercises to create your personal road map to live your purpose.

Overcome Adversity

Overcome personal or professional adversity that may be holding you back from moving forward.

Believe In Yourself

Recognize and avoid the detractors that are hindering you from believing in yourself.

Grow & Flourish

Develop a meaningful relationship with a mentor who can help you grow and flourish.

Your True Purpose

Learn how to understand your moral compass, tell your story and grow your reputation wisely so you can live your true purpose.

A Note from Michelle

Have you ever if you have dreamed big, faltered, challenged the status quo, been the minority in a group, or wish to have the tenacity to create your own destiny and write your own rulebook? If so, I hope you will read this book!

Starting my own business was not the only thing I did before I was ready. Looking back, I could never have known that my decisions to “jump the queue” would lead me to become the youngest woman to dive the Titanic; or becoming the youngest female museum art director in Florida; or attain enough success in the nonprofit sector in order to start my own consulting company. As a result, my journey took me around the world, to the bottom of the ocean, to the top of the corporate ladder, and just about everywhere in between. It’s a process and a mindset that I aim to pass on to young professional women in this book.

I do a lot of business with young professionals, particularly women. And far from the lazy, selfie-snapping narcissists that millennials are portrayed as, what I see are motivated women who are riding the waves of change instead of trying to swim against the current. These are young women who realize that the world is changing and that they must change with it.

The book is truly about sharing how extraordinary experiences can mold a woman’s character at each stage in her life. It is about the challenges and trials that any young woman who aspires to be a leader should expect to face along her journey—and to overcome.

As the saying goes, “be the change you want to see in the world.” This is why I write for you—with honesty, vulnerability, and as a facilitator of change for the next leader. You have the power to create your own opportunities. You have the power to create the world you want to live in.

Michelle A Turman